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Digital health offering for women at work

hermaid is a revolutionary health programme for companies that supports your female employees with their hormonal complaints.
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Digitales Gesundheits-angebot für Frauen in Unternehmen

hermaid ist ein revolutionäres Gesundheitsangebot für Unternehmen, das deine Mitarbeiterinnen bei ihren Hormonbeschwerden unterstützt.
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AI-driven programme with personalised recommendations
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Online Consultation
Easy access to medical experts via our digital platfrom
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... group and self-learning formats thanks to digital processes
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Data protection
Ensuring the privacy of your employees
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Women's health in the workplace, digital and easily accessible

Many companies are committed to the mental health of their employees in order to prevent absenteeism and burnout. Yet, the critical role of hormonal balance, particularly for women, is often overlooked. We offer targeted support, diagnostics, and information to empower your female employees holistically.

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Why menopause has an effect on the shortage of skilled workers:
In October 2023, the first German study was published , which shows the underlying effects of menopausal symptoms on the work place environment.

De-sigmatize menopause


These women suffer from complaints that require medical treatment

Menopause is a social taboo. Even a few women know that hormonal fluctuations can occur from the age of 40. Statistically speaking, 9 million women in Germany are in menopause.

The most common symptoms affect performance


Concentration difficulties


sleep disorder


depressive moods

Employers pay for health failure


Estimated economic damage in the USA


They claimed to have reduced their working hours as a result of their complaints.


On average, it takes time for those affected to find medical help.

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Designed for companies,
loved by their employees

Hormonal symptoms have physical and psychological effects. With these topics, people seeking help suffer for an average of 3+ years until they find the appropriate medical advice. This has an impact on every part of life, including work. Let's change that, together:

KPIs that speak for themselves:

We design user experiences and make them quantifiable.
More engagement through our digital app
Claims that they had an improvement in their health conditions
Measurably improved working environment
Users felt more connected to their company
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Personalized medicine through self-observation and AI

"Hormone fluctuations are very complex and depend on many physical and psychological factors. The search for solutions poses challenges for general practitioners. That's why we at hermaid focus on self-observation. We encourage our users to develop a better understanding of their own bodies through "experiments". Our AI learns from their preferences and human expertise can be called in via our teleclinic if necessary. Even if there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are many ways to alleviate the symptoms. Some need a change in diet, others need fine-tuning of hormone replacement therapy. We are there to support all those affected, employers and doctors."
Susanne Feldt (CPO), Anne Feldt (CEO)
& Rajesh Sharma (CTO)

We create added value for employers and their employees

...because your employees are your most valuable resource
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Empowering women
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Diversity in age and gender
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Reducing absenteeism
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Employer Branding
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Health literacy
"Make Informed decisions"
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"Find women like you"
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Holistic Health &
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"Healthy Habits"

Our users say ...

Satisfied customers are at the core of our daily operations. Our aim is to empower women in with their health and performance, thereby creating added value for all.
"hermaid is the ideal partner to raise awareness for such a sensitive topic as menopause. We have introduced our employees to the concept of cycle-based work. Like the changing seasons, our unique strength lies in the monthly ups and downs."
Vlore Krug
Head of Organizational Development
"What surprised me most is how little women know about their bodies. hermaid helps and educates. We simply inform our employees about the service. The app then gives them an overview of what they can do for themselves outside of work".
Astrid Siegl
Director Human Resources DACH
"We received an incredibly high number of registrations for our workshop with hermaid, which shows the importance of the topic, especially from the employers' perspective."
Anastasiya Matchanka
Program & Partner Management Employers for Equality GmbH
"After two years of googling my symptoms, I finally found help here. I am now taking bioidentical hormones and eating a cycle-based diet. I am grateful to my company for bringing hermaid to my attention. Unfortunately, my doctor never told me anything about perimenopause."
54 years old
"Perimenopause is a phase of life with so many ups and downs. You just have to try a lot of things that work for you in whatever circumstances. The body is constantly changing and I'm glad to be able to talk to other women and experts about what's going on. That's why I support hermaid as a test user.
53 years
"I would say that quick access to treatment was the turning point for me, I was given advice on how to manage this new phase of my life in a completely different, self-determined way.
47 years
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Our free menopausal toolkit for businesses

Unser kostenloses Wechseljahres Toolkit für Unternehmen

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